About Us


The dependable smart mobility solutions partner for smart cities

In our quest to provide the best, comprehensive, integrated solutions, we work with partners from all over the world.

From sourcing technology, integration, execution to maintenance, we do it all. From designers to ground level engineers, our team of experts is well-rounded to perfectly execute every project, on time.

Our collaborations with international industry leaders give us the superior advantage of precision and quality.

With our rich experience, we are capable and enthusiastic to be a one-stop-shop for Smart City Integrations in the area of Smart Mobility for Government of India and its executive corporate arms.

  • Leadership over two decades in providing complete ground level execution in Indian geopolitical reality.

  • Specific focus on integrations of wide variety of parameters.

  • Deep rooted relations and understanding of challenges encountered in executing Traffic Management & allied projects covering mechanical, electrical, electronics & civil engineering works.

  • In-time completion of projects with quality, using efficient planning and predictive management techniques to subjugate any peripheral disruptions.

  • On-site and off-site teams of highly skilled technical personnel with ground level execution expertise and vast experience in Traffic Management Projects.